Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Toy Talk Review:
Ultimate Batman
Kenner Batman Returns 14" Figure

 photo ultbat21_zps518dd5c3.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Spotlight:

 photo ultbat8_zpsba4ca5ae.jpg

 photo ultbat6_zps2554d957.jpg

 photo ultbat4_zps03e24cbb.jpg

 photo ultbat3_zpsfa252cc2.jpg

 photo ultbat2_zpsa8ba2630.jpg

 photo ultbat1_zps46a76342.jpg

 photo ultbat5_zps7aaf89bb.jpg

 photo ultbat7_zps6456064f.jpg

 photo ultbat20_zps2d5b8152.jpg

 photo ultbat19_zpsf2a77da6.jpg

 photo ultbat18_zps1c529426.jpg

 photo ultbat17_zps29a67afd.jpg

 photo ultbat16_zps142c8fd3.jpg

 photo ultbat15_zpse9b82773.jpg

 photo ultbat14_zps17284a87.jpg

 photo ultbat13_zpsfb8c2bf5.jpg

 photo ultbat12_zps9184c456.jpg

 photo ultbat10_zpse4349e7f.jpg

 photo ultbat9_zps751149c8.jpg

 photo ultbat11_zps87ae460f.jpg

...And as a little bonus treat for this entry, here are a couple of prototypes for this piece! First up- A test shot prototype of the final figure. This one is made of the same materials as the production version, but features a pink cape and lacks paint & copyright markings.

 photo ultbat30_zps28a824e0.jpg

 photo ultbat29_zps0b2a0dd0.jpg

 photo ultbat28_zps26e2de3b.jpg

 photo ultbat26_zps2ba8059a.jpg

Next- A "hard copy" prototype of the head! This piece marks an earlier stage in the figure's production process. The head is made of resin pulled from the original silicone mold, and features stronger details than can be seen on the final version.

 photo ultbat25_zpsafa0a3f1.jpg

 photo ultbat22_zpsdc272a64.jpg

 photo ultbat23_zps754dd706.jpg

 photo ultbat24_zps61d8e117.jpg

And here they are all together...

 photo ultbat27_zpscce9dab7.jpg

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