Saturday, November 19, 2016

Friday, November 11, 2016

Action Features Podcast Episode 105:
The One Where They Should Never Reboot “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot”

Hey all. Yeah, they are a week late. It is Mike's fault. But hey- The new epsiode is here now and your wait is over so cut the guy some slack already. Anyways... In this installment of Action Features, James & Mike cover a few current events before launching into the episode's theme- The Sylvester Stallone filmography! The boys run down their feelings on all the Sly films they have viewed while sprinkling in their Top 5 favorites along the way! So get your bandana on and your gloves laced up... Time for Action Features.

Also available on iTunes here (though it may take a little longer to show up)- Action Features on iTunes!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sawyer Family Homemade Halloween 2016
Ghostbusters Costumes
Slimer, Kid Ghostbuster, Louis Tully & More!

Halloween is pretty serious business in the Sawyer household. Each year, the whole family plans out what would make for the coolest costumes based on what the kids are currently into. This often means making our own costumes... From Captain Kirk & the Mugato to He-Man & Micheal Keaton's Batman. This year was no exception as we all decided on a Ghostbusters theme. :) Here's how everything turned out... (Clicking the pics should bring up larger versions BTW)

 photo gbgroupbig1_zps0jy1zswy.jpg

 photo gbgroupbig2_zpsycmwdmdp.jpg

Blaze's Louis Tully (or Vinz Clortho if you prefer) costume probably cost the least of all to make, but was the biggest hit among folks over 30. A quick trip to a used clothing store, a colander, a chin strap, a few loose wires & electrical parts and he was good to go! Oh... and Blaze usually hates pictures, but was willing to do a few for this blog post... So thanks Blaze!

 photo louisbig1_zpsapshvqcz.jpg

 photo louisbig2_zpskmomjspi.jpg

 photo louisbig3_zpsjduvx5d3.jpg

 photo louisbig4_zpsqpfq7uxm.jpg

For Gracie, we knew we wanted to move away from the traditional slight suit, so we found a nice little girls' jumper in khaki. We felt it still conveyed the Ghostbusters uniform look while also fitting her cuteness. The small patch came from Amazon, while the smaller name patch was a custom job from the folks over at GBFans. Her Ghostbusters hair bow came from Etsy. Not pictured is her proton pack (which is actually my childhood Kenner pack painted black).

 photo graciebig3_zpshshbismt.jpg

 photo graciebig4_zpsa3bnlmuo.jpg

 photo graciebig5_zpsechbupld.jpg

 photo graciebig1_zpsbxnw8cha.jpg

 photo graciebig6_zpshbilt1sp.jpg

 photo graciebig2_zpskoxfcekj.jpg

 photo graciedaddybig1_zpswmhrmb8m.jpg

 photo graciedaddybig2_zpsjm0n2eep.jpg

 photo graciedaddybig3_zpstlrpaa7u.jpg

 photo graciedaddybig4_zpszbozx2yn.jpg

If you follow our Youtube channel, you already know the work I have put into my suit, so I won't go into too much detail here.... But it was obviously the priciest of the bunch. :) The outfit consists of stuff from GBFans (and their forum members), Mattycollector, and my own two hands. And no, I didn't just do all of this one for Halloween- I am now a member of the Real Ohio Ghostbusters and am using the suit for charity events.

 photo gbjamesbig1_zpslowthjp6.jpg

 photo gbjamesbig2_zpsmxaikgep.jpg

 photo gbjamesbig3_zpsqjenxtq6.jpg

 photo gbjamesbig4_zpshwr2nvpm.jpg

 photo gbjamesbig5_zpshda0iylo.jpg

 photo gbjamesbig6_zpsbfsdjnrm.jpg

 photo gbvslimerbig2_zpswwbgxqav.jpg

 photo gbvslimerbig1_zps8ey92jxt.jpg

Keaton's child-size Slimer suit was the biggest challenge of all. We needed it to be lightweight and easily removed if he got tired of wearing it (since he is only 9 after all). The suit consists of a plastic hamper turned upside down with holes cut into the sides for his arms and one in the front for his face. The inside of the hamper is padded with foam for comfort. The Slimer sculpture on the outside was made from pipe tubing and spray insulation foam. The "arms" are an old cut up shirt which I spray painted with the same shades used on Slimer and then creased to mimic the folds of skin. Slimer's eyes are a couple of those clear "stones" you see in vases or aquariums. His nose was sculpted from super sculpy. The entire suit was then finished with glow-in-the-dark paint (which looks pretty awesome if he has time to soak up a few rays beforehand).

 photo slimerbig1_zpsfneouxsm.jpg

 photo slimerbig2_zpsvl9yvgby.jpg

 photo slimerbig3_zpsgapba5ns.jpg

 photo slimerbig4_zpshyy0ftum.jpg

 photo slimerbig5_zpsuxfxgrq9.jpg

 photo slimerbig6_zpss7a3kpsl.jpg

 photo slimerbig7_zpsgfe1z7hi.jpg

And just in case Gracie didn't feel like walking during all the Halloween festivities- We converted an old Little Tikes Cozy Coupe into her very own Ecto-1! Ecto-1 has a roof rack with dish, working bubble lights, and set of speakers for playing the Ghostbusters theme song and Ecto siren!

 photo graciecarbig1_zpsaiy5cvch.jpg

 photo graciecarbig2_zpsdvlfecyz.jpg

Oh! I almost forgot... My wife Bobbi also sewed together some really awesome Ghostbusters trick or treat bags for the little ones to carry on Halloween, but I don't have pictures of them. I will update this post as soon as I do! She also took all of the pictures you see in this post. She rocks at the photography stuff. :)

Not sure how we will ever top this year....