Thursday, October 31, 2013

Action Features Podcast Episode 49:
The One Where Bobbi Says A Bad Word

Boy... James sure did take his sweet time getting this one up. This episode was recorded an entire week ago now! Way to stay current and topical guys. Anyways... In this installment of Action Features, the boys catch up on a few current happenings before launching in on the theme for this episode: A Filmation retrospective! Mike & James thought it would be appropriate to share some of their favorite Filmation cartoon memories in light of the recent passing of Lou Scheimer... So grab your Starsword, wake up Cringer, and get those "ears of a fox" ready for a workout- Time for Action Features.

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Toy Talk Review:
Batman Vs. Catwoman
Batman Returns Figure 2-Pack
Kenner Batman Movie Collection

 photo bmcbr34_zps26b97893.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

 photo bmcbr30_zps0e3cc399.jpg

 photo bmcbr46_zpsa557f70a.jpg

 photo bmcbr44_zpse6279735.jpg

 photo bmcbr45_zpsd2d45c1a.jpg

 photo bmcbr43_zps214ab9f9.jpg

 photo bmcbr42_zps280c9286.jpg

 photo bmcbr33_zps57b3ad19.jpg

 photo bmcbr21_zps14e4f0e6.jpg

 photo bmcbr20_zpse75a87e7.jpg

 photo bmcbr28_zpsbc66d1b5.jpg

 photo bmcbr27_zps6bf21473.jpg

 photo bmcbr26_zps525b7177.jpg

 photo bmcbr25_zps4f75769b.jpg

 photo bmcbr24_zpse4ab4c0d.jpg

 photo bmcbr23_zpsafe2ae22.jpg

 photo bmcbr22_zps69b6b35b.jpg

 photo bmcbr19_zps90bd8652.jpg

 photo bmcbr17_zps72848c11.jpg

 photo bmcbr18_zps6e55d397.jpg

 photo bmcbr32_zps53ff139d.jpg

 photo bmcbr16_zps669af8ad.jpg

 photo bmcbr15_zps9cb133c1.jpg

 photo bmcbr14_zps6ab37641.jpg

 photo bmcbr13_zps7a742d72.jpg

 photo bmcbr11_zpse47378e5.jpg

 photo bmcbr10_zpsacb7bf80.jpg

 photo bmcbr12_zpsfab2897d.jpg

 photo bmcbr7_zps9d42275b.jpg

 photo bmcbr8_zpsa63d3b22.jpg

 photo bmcbr9_zpsf35238e7.jpg

 photo bmcbr6_zps43c7c9fe.jpg

 photo bmcbr5_zpsf95dd6c8.jpg

 photo bmcbr4_zps3e311eb7.jpg

 photo bmcbr3_zps8d914ac1.jpg

 photo bmcbr1_zps81ee92ba.jpg

 photo bmcbr2_zps886b654a.jpg

(In the following comparison shots, the 2-pack versions are on your left, while the original releases are on your right)

 photo bmcbr41_zps25354e14.jpg

 photo bmcbr40_zps7a42068f.jpg

 photo bmcbr39_zpsa203964b.jpg

 photo bmcbr38_zps5d6947b1.jpg

 photo bmcbr37_zpsd5818c6f.jpg

 photo bmcbr36_zpsd4934779.jpg

 photo bmcbr35_zps7f596acf.jpg

 photo bmcbr31_zpsfd53bdb5.jpg

 photo bmcbr29_zpsb86c24ae.jpg

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Comics Weekend Review:
October 15, 2013

We've switched the format of our "Comics Weekend Reviews" just a bit... Instead of a strong focus on weekly releases, these videos will now center more on classic comic storyline reviews with a side helping of current books. Hope you guys enjoy it! This episode features our thoughts on:

The original Robin mini-series (reprinted in the "Robin : A Hero Reborn" trade paperback)
The John Byrne Superman: Man Of Steel mini-series (reprinted in the "Superman Man Of Steel Volume 1" trade paperback)
Jim Lee & Jeph Loeb's Batman: Hush storyline (reprinted in the "Batman Hush" trade paperback)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Action Features Podcast Episode 48:
The One Where We Hate Devoting Time To Miley Cyrus

Yeah, they're running behind again. People want... People NEED their Action Features. But Mike & James took a week off again. Will you forgive them? They have this pretty new episode here to make up for it. It is loaded with stuff like Mike's thoughts on the newest Die Hard flick, how much James liked KFC's new Hot Shot bites, the duo's excitement for Mattel's new DC Classic Movieverse figure line, and much more. So give 'em another chance.. and go get some Action Features.

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