Monday, December 22, 2014

Action Features Podcast Episode 70:
The One Where Our Chestnuts Are Fully Roasted

There's no place like home for the holidays... Well, except for being right here at Action Features central. That is even better than being home. Why is it better? Oh, well does your home have 2 dudes giving their opinions on current happenings like Sony pulling "The Interview" or if that soccer ball droid from the Episode VII trailer is real or not? No? Well then it probably doesn't have those same 2 guys giving their Top Five list of things they are looking forward to in 2015 either. So there. This episode has all that and more... So get plugged in. Time to drop some holiday on ya.

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Toy Talk Review:
Two-Face (The New Batman Adventures)
DC Collectibles Batman The Animated Series Figure #02

 photo face14_zps2836e6f8.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

 photo face27_zps2559d500.jpg

 photo face1_zpsaf6a6687.jpg

 photo face5_zpsbe2eb9a9.jpg

 photo face2_zps6f74e10a.jpg

 photo face3_zps52d9f53a.jpg

 photo face4_zpse10eadd8.jpg

 photo face6_zpsb4f5c740.jpg

 photo face7_zps1f1f850d.jpg

 photo face13_zpsa38ae31a.jpg

 photo face15_zpsf2a76485.jpg

 photo face25_zps73434c39.jpg

 photo face24_zpsab09480c.jpg

 photo face23_zps54544c38.jpg

 photo face12_zps031f1aa0.jpg

 photo face52_zps18d6f758.jpg

 photo face51_zps6fd67e95.jpg

 photo face50_zps1610208a.jpg

 photo face49_zpsa94594c5.jpg

 photo face48_zps8f7f257a.jpg

 photo face46_zps0656cd8d.jpg

 photo face47_zps3f5ecc7c.jpg

 photo face45_zpsb8a3078b.jpg

 photo face44_zps9783fb38.jpg

 photo face43_zpsefdaefbc.jpg

 photo face42_zps08fdd40a.jpg

 photo face8_zps9c4d04d1.jpg

 photo face18_zps3cbb72c0.jpg

 photo face30_zps6669aaa0.jpg

 photo face38_zpsae868b4b.jpg

 photo face39_zpse683c220.jpg

 photo face40_zps70d08180.jpg

 photo face41_zps796c8c61.jpg

 photo face16_zpsd0231cf8.jpg

 photo face19_zps3287db61.jpg

 photo face10_zps6a217edd.jpg

 photo face11_zpsac273255.jpg

 photo face9_zps4e61537e.jpg

 photo face22_zpsef1fb9a5.jpg

 photo face26_zps85a10af7.jpg

 photo face28_zps4154b285.jpg

 photo face29_zps1d07372c.jpg

 photo face31_zps5d2a3b0e.jpg

 photo face32_zpse4f5b7e5.jpg

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 photo face37_zps9e5ae096.jpg

 photo face21_zpsae519b72.jpg

 photo face17_zps56f19b3f.jpg

 photo face20_zps443ca6d9.jpg

To order this figure, head here: DC Collectibles Batman Animated 6" Two-Face The New Batman Adventures Figure