Friday, August 30, 2013

Action Features Podcast Episode 46:
The One Where Our License To Thrill Expired

Yup... You know what time it is. Some new Action Features goodness is coming at ya. What is in this episode? Glad you asked. Well, the boys start it off with some light Batman talk- Stuff like the new Mattel Batman Classic TV Series figures, Ben Affleck's casting in the Superman Vs Batman film, and a different take on Harvey Dent. After that, it is time for a few thank yous and a quick discussion on some of the worst figures ever made. Then they finish it off with a "Top 4" list- Songs on a movie soundtrack that really had no business being there. So grab your headphones... It's Action Features.

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Toy Talk Review:
Mattel Batman Classic TV Series
Batman And Robin 6" Figure 2-Pack

 photo brobin35_zpsb729a995.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

 photo brobin9_zpsdf3a7599.jpg

 photo brobin48_zpscf2ff129.jpg

 photo brobin47_zps5b90e36f.jpg

 photo brobin46_zps8e135d9f.jpg

 photo brobin45_zpse4fc7670.jpg

 photo brobin44_zps9673063a.jpg

 photo brobin43_zps1fa1fde6.jpg

 photo brobin38_zpsbabc8b48.jpg

 photo brobin42_zpsfc64704d.jpg

 photo brobin40_zpscb73b522.jpg

 photo brobin39_zps3b9e9088.jpg

 photo brobin41_zps9ea62baf.jpg

 photo brobin34_zps0c091bf2.jpg

 photo brobin33_zps76fde9c0.jpg

 photo brobin8_zpsdf1f612e.jpg

 photo brobin7_zpscd378999.jpg

 photo brobin10_zps43b51493.jpg

 photo brobin13_zps1a6b1e18.jpg

 photo brobin6a_zps9a5cf85b.jpg

 photo brobin5_zpsad411196.jpg

 photo brobin15_zps63dfbcc3.jpg

 photo brobin32_zpsa6e7af5c.jpg

 photo brobin25_zpsed68767d.jpg

 photo brobin26_zps65258d93.jpg

 photo brobin30_zps8ac70764.jpg

 photo brobin29_zpsde98c60c.jpg

 photo brobin28_zps11725c91.jpg

 photo brobin27_zpsa380f147.jpg

 photo brobin31_zps575a3686.jpg

(In the following comparison pictures, the 2-pack Batman is on your right while single-card Batman is on your left)

 photo brobin37_zps9e5c503f.jpg

 photo brobin36_zps9b76c54e.jpg

 photo brobin14_zps8b0c05c0.jpg

 photo brobin24_zps0f29cb69.jpg

 photo brobin23_zpsb35b6e55.jpg

 photo brobin22_zps6bfd10d9.jpg

 photo brobin21_zpsed4cfe02.jpg

 photo brobin20_zps1f9afd09.jpg

 photo brobin19_zps0be716ba.jpg

 photo brobin18_zps351eb148.jpg

 photo brobin17_zps29b9a4ac.jpg

 photo brobin16_zps72ab5171.jpg

 photo brobin12_zps8370f8ee.jpg

 photo brobin11_zps70a10341.jpg

 photo brobin4_zps4f47f2b2.jpg

 photo brobin2_zpsd5f23fe8.jpg

 photo brobin3_zps47c2a086.jpg

 photo brobin1_zps5e9d8ca9.jpg