Friday, August 9, 2013

Toy Talk Review:
Blast Shield / Bola Strike Batman
Kenner Batman Dark Knight Collection /
Batman Returns Figure

 photo blastbat20_zpsfda82e6a.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

 photo blastbat3_zpsa71e8d4f.jpg

 photo blastbat35_zps43299154.jpg

 photo blastbat32_zpsf89f4d31.jpg

 photo blastbat28_zpsbc69272b.jpg

 photo blastbat31_zps5304fffb.jpg

 photo blastbat30_zps24d0fa50.jpg

 photo blastbat29_zpsa3d0053c.jpg

 photo blastbat33_zps641d0ae7.jpg

 photo blastbat34_zps9d01e91c.jpg

 photo blastbat26_zpsfc57e613.jpg

 photo blastbat23_zps43f9ffb8.jpg

 photo blastbat27_zps9e1296cb.jpg

 photo blastbat22_zpsf67f2406.jpg

 photo blastbat21_zps7be629e9.jpg

 photo blastbat25_zps11205b37.jpg

 photo blastbat24_zps897b697b.jpg

 photo blastbat19_zps2606de3d.jpg

 photo blastbat17_zps16af5ed4.jpg

 photo blastbat12_zps3de05759.jpg

 photo blastbat18_zps5ad45255.jpg

 photo blastbat16_zpsc528b418.jpg

 photo blastbat14_zps9917b01d.jpg

 photo blastbat15_zpscbd7c2ee.jpg

 photo blastbat11_zpsacf8a40a.jpg

 photo blastbat10_zps98c076ac.jpg

 photo blastbat9_zpsf1a2b8e2.jpg

 photo blastbat7_zps0021ec5c.jpg

 photo blastbat8_zpsee2b3c31.jpg

 photo blastbat6_zpsa0119e44.jpg

 photo blastbat5_zpse3521fe4.jpg

 photo blastbat2_zpse5166fc6.jpg

 photo blastbat1_zpsc0e1d819.jpg

 photo blastbat4_zps03cf38fb.jpg

 photo blastbat13_zps1d305cd7.jpg

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