Friday, August 9, 2013

Action Features Podcast Episode 45:
The One Where We Want Bruce Willis To Wear A Diaper

Hey folks! Guess who just had a birthday? If your answer was James, give yourself 2 gold stars. Then take one of the gold stars and give it to James, because you probably didn't get him a gift and that stuff is just rude. After all, the Action Features' boys got you something, and it probably wasn't even your birthday. What did the get you? Oh, just a little thing called Episode 45, where Mike and James dig into a virtual smorgasbord of topics: Expendables 3, kids' shoe sizes, birthday memories, Blaze having a Tabe moment, and much more. So yeah... Feel bad for not getting him anything now? Well, you should. Make up for it by listening to this episode. Do it now... Time for Action Features.

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