Friday, March 29, 2013

Action Features Podcast Episode 36:
The One We Recorded During Lunch

Happy Easter everybody! Well, it is that time again... James & Mike are back with another fun-filled episode. In this week's installment, the boys slap on some bunny ears and pin on cotton tails for their Easter themed episode. You'll get to hear their thoughts on Peeps, Cadbury Eggs & other holiday treats.... then join them as they reveal their favorite childhood Easter basket goodies. Oh, and there is a special "Top 3" list as well- Since Easter is all about the resurrection, the guys thought it would be fun to throw together a special list of their favorite fictional characters that came back from the dead. All that, plus your usual dose of pop-culture-catchup. The hunt is over... Time for Action Features.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Toy Talk Review:
Batman- The Dark Knight Returns
Mattel Batman Unlimited 6" Figure

 photo afbatman18_zpsde6b9d31.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

 photo afbatman6_zps67ad351a.jpg

 photo afbatman17_zps2b2c5b59.jpg

 photo afbatman16_zps7d82bdf4.jpg

 photo afbatman15_zps3dff553f.jpg

 photo afbatman11_zps7e15fc62.jpg

 photo afbatman12_zps236ef3d0.jpg

 photo afbatman14_zps4af61a31.jpg

 photo afbatman13_zps9e242150.jpg

 photo afbatman10_zpsca526154.jpg

 photo afbatman7_zpsd20c7637.jpg

 photo afbatman2_zps34862709.jpg

 photo afbatman5_zpsf1e8c619.jpg

 photo afbatman8_zps3fef7dfe.jpg

 photo afbatman1_zps4128a894.jpg

 photo afbatman9_zps232a6de7.jpg

 photo afbatman3_zps3b1f2bfe.jpg

 photo afbatman4_zpsbcffe152.jpg

Note- Since this Batman re-uses parts from the "Masters of the Universe Classics" line, we thought it would fun to also put an entry for this figure over at our other site-! Head over here to check out Batman in a series of MOTUC-centric pictures: Batman The Dark Knight Returns Spotlight

Toy Talk Review:
Nick Fury
Hot Toys MMS 169
1/6th Scale Figure

 photo fury52_zpsa12cd905.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

 photo fury23_zps7fb68fac.jpg

 photo fury47_zpsd5fe9946.jpg

 photo fury49_zps355b4356.jpg

 photo fury50_zpsdd85c9f8.jpg

 photo fury48_zps2d3a65bd.jpg

 photo fury51_zps9cc1055c.jpg

 photo fury44_zps05f8500d.jpg

 photo fury46_zps346bcfd2.jpg

 photo fury45_zps83f5a397.jpg

 photo fury20_zps10a7f458.jpg

 photo fury43_zpscd016e8e.jpg

 photo fury41_zps33f3904d.jpg

 photo fury39_zpse830ab48.jpg

 photo fury40_zpsba3a9935.jpg

 photo fury36_zpsa87ac3e1.jpg

 photo fury38_zpsdd4628d2.jpg

 photo fury37_zps18b8ea99.jpg

 photo fury34_zpsa4ea511e.jpg

 photo fury33_zps1eded84c.jpg

 photo fury25_zps12204234.jpg

 photo fury31_zps66fcd3ae.jpg

 photo fury27_zpsd9a08269.jpg

 photo fury26_zps3922bc1c.jpg

 photo fury24_zps796378a6.jpg

 photo fury42_zpse1fea8e8.jpg

 photo fury32_zps8ccf0cef.jpg

 photo fury35_zpsa4cee858.jpg

 photo fury1_zps612e9b7d.jpg

 photo fury30_zps86b600f6.jpg

 photo fury21_zps9b5ea96c.jpg

 photo fury28_zps09c4a74b.jpg

 photo fury22_zps7f575d34.jpg

 photo fury17_zps3a229a4e.jpg

 photo fury16_zps27e63f33.jpg

 photo fury15_zps1e22166e.jpg

 photo fury18_zps9c152d89.jpg

 photo fury14_zpsfa82380c.jpg

 photo fury12_zpsae962667.jpg

 photo fury9_zpsce3edf8e.jpg

 photo fury11_zpsef87a5da.jpg

 photo fury2_zps014ad4b4.jpg

 photo fury13_zps82427345.jpg

 photo fury4_zps0893817b.jpg

 photo fury3_zpsc619cfb5.jpg

 photo fury5_zps43ef8f4a.jpg

 photo fury10_zps77bb1ca6.jpg

 photo fury8_zpsd28f3e58.jpg

 photo fury6_zpsd7178c4b.jpg

 photo fury7_zps71ea747a.jpg

 photo fury29_zpsd711bea4.jpg