Thursday, March 7, 2013

Toy Talk Review:
Incredible Hulk
& Red Hulk
Marvel Select Figures

 photo hulks24_zps0caec480.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

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 photo hulks3_zps5bc7dac3.jpg

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 photo hulks21_zps137f4928.jpg

 photo hulks18_zpsd9ff1c0c.jpg

 photo hulks17_zps5a0db7d5.jpg

 photo hulks19_zpsdc6097b7.jpg

 photo hulks22_zpsfbc4b238.jpg

 photo hulks16_zps132929ab.jpg

 photo hulks14_zps8b593a0f.jpg

 photo hulks20_zpsed0710cd.jpg

 photo hulks15_zps46cf62f1.jpg

 photo hulks2_zps59a2d0ef.jpg

 photo hulks11_zps196fff8f.jpg

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 photo hulks7_zps4184dde5.jpg

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 photo hulks10_zpsaaba7ec9.jpg

 photo hulks6_zpsacd592cd.jpg

 photo hulks1_zps263d96a0.jpg

 photo hulks5_zps884a9d3a.jpg

 photo hulks12_zps663e3178.jpg

 photo hulks4_zps1eb1c2d8.jpg

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  1. Great review. I would just like to say that the reason the paint looks so much better on the red Hulk is because he has been airbrushed. The shading in his muscles has been sprayed in. On the green Hulk the paint work is dry brushed which is why it looks so rough.