Monday, March 18, 2013

Toy Talk Review:
Batman- The Dark Knight Returns
Mattel Batman Unlimited 6" Figure

 photo afbatman18_zpsde6b9d31.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

 photo afbatman6_zps67ad351a.jpg

 photo afbatman17_zps2b2c5b59.jpg

 photo afbatman16_zps7d82bdf4.jpg

 photo afbatman15_zps3dff553f.jpg

 photo afbatman11_zps7e15fc62.jpg

 photo afbatman12_zps236ef3d0.jpg

 photo afbatman14_zps4af61a31.jpg

 photo afbatman13_zps9e242150.jpg

 photo afbatman10_zpsca526154.jpg

 photo afbatman7_zpsd20c7637.jpg

 photo afbatman2_zps34862709.jpg

 photo afbatman5_zpsf1e8c619.jpg

 photo afbatman8_zps3fef7dfe.jpg

 photo afbatman1_zps4128a894.jpg

 photo afbatman9_zps232a6de7.jpg

 photo afbatman3_zps3b1f2bfe.jpg

 photo afbatman4_zpsbcffe152.jpg

Note- Since this Batman re-uses parts from the "Masters of the Universe Classics" line, we thought it would fun to also put an entry for this figure over at our other site-! Head over here to check out Batman in a series of MOTUC-centric pictures: Batman The Dark Knight Returns Spotlight

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