Monday, February 6, 2012

Custom Corner:
The Phantom
By Nate Bauer

Nate Bauer from Hazard Publishing shares with us his booty-kicking rendition of "The Ghost Who Walks" in today's Custom Corner! Take it away Nate...

This Phantom custom kinda started from my friend lending me a few Phantom comics by Dynamite a while back – rekindling my interest in "The Ghost Who Walks". I've always liked the character, the idea of a centuries old lineage of men, all dawning the Phantom's costume, and of course, any character that belts on a couple .45's is cool in my book. But, even when the most recent movie came out in '96, there still weren't any good Phantom figures out there – so I decided to make my own.

The base I used is a "Captain America" from the recent movie line. I had to do some basic smoothing of some of his costume in areas, but really this is a paint job more than anything. Good figure, good scale and came with all the right accessories. Just looking at him in the store I could tell it wasn't too far of a stretch to turn him into a Phantom.

And to protect him from the elements ("elements" being the sawdust in my work shop) I made a box with some character information and art.



Nate also sent along a pic of some custom packaging he whipped up for a Hasbro Indian Jones figure. Very cool!


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