Thursday, February 9, 2012

Action Features Podcast Episode 3:
The One Where James Sneaks AND Peeks

Episode 3 of Action Features brings the first of what will probably be many "Top Five" lists from Mike & James- The top five cartoon theme songs of their childhood. Also in this episode, the boys reflect on some current comic news and share a couple of video game stories from their youth... including a dark secret that James has never shared before. So get your ears ready. It's time for Action Features.

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  1. My top 5. I wrote this yesterday, and am not surprised that we agreed on a few.

    #5: Inspector Gadget. Cool show, poppy song that its the tone of the show to a tee.
    #4: Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos. Chuck Norris is said 11 times (either full name or one of the characters saying Chuck) in a 56 second intro. Once every 5.09 seconds. Beat that, Frank Stallone.
    #3 GI Joe / Transformers. The 2 "big boys" of the 1980's I'm clumping together. Because I can. Both catchy, both work. After reissues, overpriced toys and bloated, crap lousy films, anyone over 12 shouldn't really hold Transformers on a pedastool. What transforms and is more awesomer than Transformers and them there' autobot/triglobot stupidity?.....
    #2 MASK! M-m-m...MASK! No-one knows what lies behind their masquerades! M-m-m MASK! Come see the laser rays. The definitive 80's cartoon theme. Come see the laser rays? Yes, please. Say the name "Hondo Mclean" in a Billy Dee Williams-type voice and try to not smile.
    #1 Duck Tales. Permanently stuck in a 'best of' playlist in my head. Right between Huey Lewis and Tesla.