Thursday, February 16, 2012

Action Features Podcast Episode 4:
The One With Cooler Ranch

In Episode 4 of Action Features, Mike & James discuss Toy Fair 2012 and all of its action figure goodness (and badness). We also get an update from James on his viewing of Star Wars Episode I in 3-D! Oh, and Mike eats some Doritos. Enjoy!

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  1. Another good one, my dudes. BTW - J.J. Bizzy first appeared in carbonite in the The Force Unleashed video game as a hidden easter egg. Maybe Hasbro is giving a nod to that? Dunno tho.

  2. Ah, thats most likely it! Hidden egg in a video game, fine. Waste of plastic though. Heck, maybe I'm being too hard on 'em. I'm sure someone will get some enjoyment out of...*gulp*... Jar Jar in Carbonte.