Monday, July 9, 2018

Toy Talk Review:
Diamond Select Ghostbusters Series 7
Phantom Terror Dog
7" Action Figure

 photo tdog24_zps09xrblqq.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

 photo tdog4_zps4kl5bewr.jpg

 photo tdog3_zpsrmzdylx3.jpg

 photo tdog2_zpsfnukzjbu.jpg

 photo tdog1_zpsqianddx8.jpg

 photo tdog19_zps2ljdsc3f.jpg

 photo tdog14_zps3wcfackb.jpg

 photo tdog6_zpssjcyyerb.jpg

 photo tdog8_zpslfesj2qk.jpg

 photo tdog9_zpsnudjo7xi.jpg

 photo tdog10_zpspztaq5cj.jpg

 photo tdog11_zpspvrw2zyv.jpg

 photo tdog12_zpsqhebkuaa.jpg

 photo tdog23_zpsfwk9kbar.jpg

 photo tdog22_zpscfufbf96.jpg

 photo tdog21_zpsazwcqbr1.jpg

 photo tdog20_zpshwirgb9m.jpg

 photo tdog18_zpslh1qmaqv.jpg

 photo tdog17_zpsi8ackzwh.jpg

 photo tdog13_zps5w3x6dsh.jpg

 photo tdog7_zpsiysjd5q8.jpg

 photo tdog5_zps6vsme5to.jpg

 photo tdog15_zps2k3n7t1r.jpg

 photo tdog16_zpsm5yysjoy.jpg

 photo tdog25_zpscuinqfgk.jpg

To check for the Wave 7 set availability, click here: DST Ghostbusters Series 7 Set W/ Phantom Terror Dog

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