Friday, July 27, 2018

Custom Corner:
Masters Of The Universe- The Motion Picture
Evil-Lyn Custom Figure
By Matthew Hackley

 photo lyn30_zpsdodh1gdp.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

 photo lyn29_zpsz2ofhf4b.jpg

 photo lyn18_zpsm7ly1bjs.jpg

 photo lyn25_zpswqsqxahm.jpg

 photo lyn17_zpslqptbtwg.jpg

 photo lyn16_zps7x9av3yd.jpg

 photo lyn14_zpsfyyu28ll.jpg

 photo lyn23_zps5i65bksa.jpg

 photo lyn24_zpseovg5yz3.jpg

 photo lyn37_zpsp76ldfyq.jpg

 photo lyn22_zpsl670cqtc.jpg

 photo lyn21_zpslpxibnq3.jpg

 photo lyn20_zpsxahuihwt.jpg

 photo lyn15_zpslvgw9kwu.jpg

 photo lyn3_zps43euqxqe.jpg

 photo lyn2_zpshk5flbkg.jpg

 photo lyn36_zps3amrxpgf.jpg

 photo lyn34_zpsdmijh9hu.jpg

 photo lyn31_zpsisz0ntp4.jpg

 photo lyn10_zpsym2qq24u.jpg

 photo lyn1_zpswkyt5lif.jpg

 photo lyn26_zpslgcftym6.jpg

 photo lyn27_zpswrjb8wfg.jpg

 photo lyn12_zpstacjjup7.jpg

 photo lyn11_zps0ovoiegb.jpg

 photo lyn10_zpsym2qq24u.jpg

 photo lyn5_zpsuizkyeph.jpg

 photo lyn4_zpstjl2leok.jpg

 photo lyn33_zpsznaxdgh8.jpg


  1. Good evening, are you taking commissions? Greetings.

  2. Wow just wow. I really hope super7 gets the license to make these someday