Thursday, September 29, 2016

Toy Talk Review:
Hasbro Star Wars
3.75" Astromech Droid Pack
Entertainment Earth Exclusive Set

 photo droids2_zpsqi0bpbvt.jpg

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Pictorial Review: *PLEASE NOTE* The numbers stamped into the rear portion of the domes on these figures are likely due to them being early review samples. Entertainment Earth does not expect these numbers to be present on the final product.

 photo droids25_zpsimykg3jt.jpg

 photo droids24_zpss1qmobms.jpg

 photo droids23_zps8vkorbdk.jpg

 photo droids22_zpsgdbaaebe.jpg

 photo droids8_zpsbdq8jen8.jpg

 photo droids7_zpshdkfsngp.jpg

 photo droids6_zpsgajou5xg.jpg

 photo droids1_zps9lsikfwz.jpg

 photo droids3_zpstycmlg94.jpg

 photo droids5_zpsq6ol79xr.jpg

 photo droids4_zpsmbzyicfi.jpg

 photo droids15_zpsz8pwjbsu.jpg

 photo droids14_zpszquec9fz.jpg

 photo droids13_zpscrpwcset.jpg

 photo droids18_zpshzo90g1s.jpg

 photo droids17_zpsnmoo6n9f.jpg

 photo droids16_zpsl4ttjwvc.jpg

 photo droids21_zpsdccojj9p.jpg

 photo droids20_zps0if9n7tf.jpg

 photo droids19_zps7an4gvut.jpg

 photo droids11_zpsysstyvdc.jpg

 photo droids10_zpsn5vokrd9.jpg

 photo droids9_zps4xyco0zn.jpg

 photo droids12_zpszffli3kh.jpg

To order this pack, head here: Entertainment Earth Exclusive Astromech Droid Set

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