Thursday, January 16, 2014

Custom Corner:
Tony Mei Custom Cape
For The NECA 18" Batman Figure

 photo meineca18_zpsfd8fa20c.jpg

For those looking to upgrade their NECA 18" Batman figure (which was previously spotlighted HERE), Tony Mei has made this AMAZING new custom cape! Check out the video below to see it in action and hear my thoughts on it, then keep on scrolling for a pictorial review. And to contact Tony about a cape, e-mail him here:

Video Spotlight:

Comparison Pictures (The NECA version is on you left, Tony's cape is on your right):

 photo meineca22_zps8d08ed01.jpg

 photo meineca21_zps8e1d947e.jpg

 photo meineca20_zpse630d983.jpg

 photo meineca19_zpsa97b9b39.jpg

Pictorial Review:

 photo meineca9_zps221a872d.jpg

 photo meineca10_zps502da22f.jpg

 photo meineca1_zps02979144.jpg

 photo meineca2_zpsb0e7d221.jpg

 photo meineca3_zps1892d1cf.jpg

 photo meineca17_zpsda7e7d8e.jpg

 photo meineca16_zps37c2b6a7.jpg

 photo meineca15_zps71371d09.jpg

 photo meineca14_zps06cfdcf2.jpg

 photo meineca13_zps2dbc48d6.jpg

 photo meineca12_zps910a8ff3.jpg

 photo meineca11_zps4261d38c.jpg

 photo meineca8_zps8def1531.jpg

 photo meineca5_zps03a62370.jpg

 photo meineca4_zpsdc4b96bd.jpg

 photo meineca6_zpsac74090c.jpg

 photo meineca7_zps2d5d8b34.jpg

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