Monday, January 6, 2014

Custom Corner:
Batarang Blast Batman
Created By Matthew Hackley

Welcome to another installment of Kenner Custom Corner! My friend and action figure customizer extraordinaire Matthew Hackley brings his immense talent to Kenner's Dark Knight Collection & Batman Returns lines! Fixing a few of the old mistakes, and adding new character to both lines... All in classic Kenner style!

 photo bbbats32_zps7d48c823.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

 photo bbbats5_zpsd1c77a25.jpg

 photo bbbats22_zpsd9666581.jpg

 photo bbbats23_zpsadc754a3.jpg

 photo bbbats30_zps0c4b767f.jpg

 photo bbbats24_zps3076d4fa.jpg

 photo bbbats20_zps5d140947.jpg

 photo bbbats25_zps0be69027.jpg

 photo bbbats16_zps8512614f.jpg

 photo bbbats15_zpscb7a6939.jpg

 photo bbbats14_zps25f4fd86.jpg

 photo bbbats13_zpsea5046cf.jpg

 photo bbbats12_zps8833a955.jpg

 photo bbbats11_zps7dacfe8b.jpg

 photo bbbats10_zps866487c0.jpg

 photo bbbats9_zps5886dcfb.jpg

 photo bbbats8_zps8c6da3c7.jpg

 photo bbbats19_zpsa54c4467.jpg

 photo bbbats21_zpsb19376dc.jpg

 photo bbbats18_zps21c78eae.jpg

 photo bbbats2_zps3ccdc0d3.jpg

 photo bbbats3_zpsae1c37c1.jpg

 photo bbbats29_zps83142820.jpg

 photo bbbats17_zpsb6be24af.jpg

 photo bbbats7_zpsbdddc8f1.jpg

 photo bbbats6_zps180c8fbb.jpg

 photo bbbats4_zpsc7a6c2b2.jpg

 photo bbbats3_zpsae1c37c1.jpg

 photo bbbats1_zpsa8fed932.jpg

 photo bbbats28_zps11e4f30a.jpg

 photo bbbats31_zps79e604a6.jpg

 photo bbbats27_zpse50119ea.jpg

 photo bbbats26_zps174be643.jpg

To contact Matthew about your own custom figure needs, you can check out his site Cardinal Sin Customs, or e-mail him at :)

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