Monday, February 25, 2013

Toy Talk Review:
Custom Hot Toys
Deadpool 1/6th Scale 12" Figure

 photo deadpool22_zps4ac82b1d.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

 photo deadpool2_zps65d0dd2c.jpg

 photo deadpool21_zps43a185ec.jpg

 photo deadpool17_zps14f3d7f0.jpg

 photo deadpool15_zpsc92ef15e.jpg

 photo deadpool18_zps96660c87.jpg

 photo deadpool16_zpse93c6ea2.jpg

 photo deadpool19_zpsb8219a80.jpg

 photo deadpool20_zpsd671e7e4.jpg

 photo deadpool12_zpsd9fd4c7e.jpg

 photo deadpool1_zpscccbb5a2.jpg

 photo deadpool11_zps3e7418f4.jpg

 photo deadpool23_zpsa704869e.jpg

 photo deadpool14_zpscc81788f.jpg

 photo deadpool24_zpsb499f593.jpg

 photo deadpool25_zps9fd72a4a.jpg

 photo deadpool13_zpsb6f29e39.jpg

 photo deadpool30_zps651b5378.jpg

 photo deadpool3_zps31010ccd.jpg

 photo deadpool29_zpsdf0279a0.jpg

 photo deadpool10_zps7e8abe92.jpg

 photo deadpool9_zps9d54d7e0.jpg

 photo deadpool26_zpse06ed059.jpg

 photo deadpool8_zps9e1f9601.jpg

 photo deadpool6_zps14fad535.jpg

 photo deadpool28_zpsad6c9d93.jpg

 photo deadpool5_zps737c1604.jpg

 photo deadpool7_zpscddc7b75.jpg

 photo deadpool27_zps54e8623f.jpg

 photo deadpool4_zps214b0d83.jpg

To contact Tony Mei about a Deadpool suit, e-mail him at

To contact ashkanls about the masked head sculpt and other Deadpool parts, hit him up through his page at the Sideshow Collectors forum:

To reach mojo customz about his unmasked Deadpool head sculpt, email him at ...or get in touch with him through the Sideshow Collectors forums here:

To reach Evilface about custom Hot Toys display stand labels, head over to his page at the Sideshow Collectors forums: