Thursday, February 28, 2013

Action Features Podcast Episode 34:
The One Where We Button The Flies On Our Mutant Genes

This is it... The All-New, All-Different, Senses-Shattering Giant Size Episode 34 of Action Features! Well, it isn't actually all-new. It is pretty much the same as usual. It isn't all that different either. And I'm really not sure it qualifies as Giant Size. Sigh... I was just trying to make the intro to this episode sound "comic-booky", okay? I mean, this is the ALL X-MEN EPISODE after all. Join James & Mike as they chat for an hour about those merry mutants with a cause... The Uncanny X-Men! The boys share their childhood memories, give their thoughts on the cartoons, toys, & movies, then wrap things up nicely with a top 5 list of X-characters. So what are you waiting for? Grab your ruby-quartz visor, pop those adamantium claws, and strap on your inhibitor belt... Time for Action Features.

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And here's the link to Eric W. Meador's art page that we mentioned in this episode:

The Art of Eric W. Meador

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