Sunday, January 29, 2012

Action Features Podcast Episode 1:
The One Where We Introduce Ourselves

Welcome to the very first episode of "Action Features!"- The podcast about all things cool! Join James Sawyer & Mike Beckett as they discuss the things they love- Comics, Movies, Toys, Cartoons... and much more! In this first episode, we introduce ourselves and give a little rundown on what the shows will be about. Enjoy! (Oh- And please excuse the quality of the audio on this episode... We are still mastering our sound system!)

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  1. I thougt the audio was pretty good past the opening. Nice job fellas. Can't wait to hear another episode.

  2. I'm a mailman, my hatred of dogs is so strong I know I could kill a wolf bare handed!!! lol

    I'm super excited about Prometheus too! I watched the trailer a ton of times.
    I can't wait for GI Joe 2 also. The only thing I love more than MOTU is my Joes!
    I'm a 79' baby so I'm right there with you guys!

    Great idea for a show. I'm a fan of many many properties too! I'll be tuning in regularly.

  3. So, I did some research on 2007. We had the movie 300, The Bourne Ultimatum and Daddy Day Camp. So... I'm kinda thinking that 2007 deserves an apology.