Friday, March 30, 2018

Action Features Podcast Episode 134:
The One Where Hasbro Feels Like They Just Jumped The Gun On All Those Rose Ticos

Hey all... Well, if you came here expecting the G.I.Joe animated movie episode, you are going to be disappointed. But if you came here looking for a free-for-all episode, then you are going to be the opposite of disappointed. In this installment, James & Mike tackle a variety of topics- Toy R Us closing, Solo movie posters, the reincarnation of Charles Bronson, Hasbro's admission of failure, and the new Youtube Karate Kid series. Sound like fun? We think so too. Get plugged in. Time for Action Features.

Also available on iTunes here (though it may take a little longer to show up)- Action Features on iTunes!

1 comment:

  1. Interested to know if you bought into the haslab barge. Not really liking that business practice from Hasbro