Sunday, July 16, 2017

Custom Corner:
Masters Of The Universe- The Motion Picture
30th Anniversary Custom Figure
Skeletor ("God" Outfit)
By Matthew Hackley

 photo godskell18_zpsgpu2sibv.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

 photo godskell17_zps6659pfwi.jpg

 photo godskell16_zpsxh7xhrz1.jpg

 photo godskell15_zpsdwpcsdnn.jpg

 photo godskell14_zpsiixv6h3t.jpg

 photo godskell13_zps7u3fwsgd.jpg

 photo godskell12_zps5rpgezt0.jpg

 photo godskell11_zpszabnmkr9.jpg

 photo godskell10_zps9gfow10b.jpg

 photo godskell9_zpsyrrudej2.jpg

 photo godskell29_zpsyf49pffl.jpg

 photo godskell8_zpsdz0wfjfd.jpg

 photo godskell7_zpsxgmulw1q.jpg

 photo godskell6_zpszvw3hc9a.jpg

 photo godskell30_zpstvmpgauy.jpg

 photo godskell19_zpsze8inlw1.jpg

 photo godskell4_zpszounha1c.jpg

 photo godskell3_zpsepsrsito.jpg

 photo godskell23_zpseimokho1.jpg

 photo godskell24_zpshfbjkw8j.jpg

 photo godskell28_zpsacyzkwll.jpg

 photo godskell32_zpsifpszx7n.jpg

 photo godskell1_zpsy5vaqep0.jpg

 photo godskell5_zpsj3riype0.jpg

 photo godskell20_zps6pz7gtkj.jpg

 photo godskell37_zpsa8elyu98.jpg

 photo godskell21_zpslokizodv.jpg

 photo godskell22_zpsoh8iamtv.jpg

 photo godskell25_zps5vjwov06.jpg

 photo godskell26_zpsk8ecrxqp.jpg

 photo godskell27_zpsqirq9smc.jpg

 photo godskell33_zpstofcwnon.jpg

 photo godskell35_zpscslirirx.jpg

 photo godskell2_zpspalj28rc.jpg

 photo godskell31_zpsvmpea5do.jpg

A HUGE thank you to Matthew Hackley for taking on this project and putting so much work into it! These are a 30-year-old dream come true for me!


  1. This is an excellent figure! I wonder if there's any way to get casts of the cape, chest armor & loincloth for other cistomizers?

  2. How much for this figure?

  3. Where can I buy this masterpiece?

  4. Uno de los mejores customs que vi en mi vida