Friday, May 26, 2017

Action Features Podcast Episode 116:
The One Where We Can Take You To The Stars… But It Will Take Awhile

Hey all! Look! A new episode of Action Features! In this installment, the boys talk about the new Spider-Man Homecoming trailers, Roger Moore's passing, the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars, new Bucky O'Hare figures, Universal's "Dark Universe", King Arthur's failure at the box office, and much more! Phew... Slow down a little guys. Oh? What's that? There is another letter to Mattel too? Well then. Time to get plugged in... Time for Action Features.

Also available on iTunes here (though it may take a little longer to show up)- Action Features on iTunes!

1 comment:

  1. Have you and mike thought about doing your podcasts on YouTube? It might help to get the word out about your great podcasts and get more views. I had the same thought about the new spiderman suit. It is too much like iron man.