Friday, September 4, 2015

Action Features Podcast Episode 82:
The One Where All Of Our Weeds Seem To Be Bearing Bitter Fruit

Who knows what this episode of Action Features has in store for you? The Shadow knows... Well, and you since you're reading this. In this installment, James & Mike tackle one of their favorite characters of all- The Shadow! While a big part of the show focuses on the 1994 film starring Alec Baldwin, the boys also give their thoughts on the radio dramas, the pulp adventures, the comics and (by request) the Kenner toy line. Sound like fun? Good. Because right about now the sun is shining... but the ice is slippery... Time for Action Features.

Also available on iTunes here (though it may take a little longer to show up)- Action Features on iTunes!

And since I forgot to say it on the show... Here is what my dream Shadow movie line would have consisted of...

Basic Figures (Preferrable 5" scale, no *ahem* action features):

-The Shadow (standard look with switch out Lamont Cranston head and twin .45 guns)
-Shiwan Khan (final battle robes with calm face Phurba dagger)
-"Ying-ko" Lamont Cranston (look from beginning of film... comes with angry face Phurba dagger)
-Mongul Warrior (with removable armor, pistol, and crossbow)
-Margo Lane (in dress from beginning of film... includes atomic bomb accessory)


-Mongul Warrior motorcylce with detachable "escape" sidecar. Includes Shiwan Khan in suit.
-The Shadow's cab with "transforming" back seat to turn Lamont into the Shadow. Includes Moe Shrevnitz.

Mini-Playsets (like the old Kenner Star Wars cantina):

-Khan's Tomb with snap-open surprise launching figure feature... Includes Shiwan Khan in Genghis Khan attire
-Water Tower that really holds water... Trap The Shadow! Includes water-soaked Lamont Cranston.

Large-scale Playset:

-The Shadow's Sanctum! Loaded with play features, and includes Lamont Cranston in suit.

Now THAT would all make me one very happy Shadow fan! (-James)


  1. It would be cool to do a show on the Playmates Star Trek toy line. No other company was able to make Star Trek action figures a success like they did. They took a chance, made a fun and successful line that lasted for years. I have a complete set of these and its a great addition to a figure collection.

  2. Thank you so much for this episode James. Loved it. Action Features is one of my favourite podcasts.

    The Shadow was a pretty great line for Kenner. I've got the whole line (minus vehicle at home on display). I think my favourite has to be the Invisible Shadow where you squeeze his legs and his brings his cloak up to his face. Really creative thinking.

    Wish the movie was more popular but I understand it's limited appeal with general audiences.