Monday, October 27, 2014

Action Features Podcast Episode 67:
The One Where James Should Have Ordered The Cheese Curds First

Hey all- Time for another heaping helping of Action Features' goodness! And just what do Mike & James have in store for you with this installment? Well, it just so happens that this is another one of those "randomness" episodes... So if your ears like hearing about things like Toy Guru leaving Mattel, whether or not Breaking Bad toys have a place at Toys R Us, the ridiculous amount of upcoming comic films, and just how TLC should handle this Honey Boo Boo situation, then this is the episode for you! Get plugged in. Time for Action Features.

Also available on iTunes here (though it may take a little longer to show up)- Action Features on iTunes!


  1. Two things-love the Renee Z commentary, too funny, and why haven't you brought me any cookie butter, Debbie Downer?

  2. Will there be a second cheese curd episode, hopefully?