Monday, August 11, 2014

TMNT Month!
Toy Talk Review:
Playmates Classic Collection
1990 Movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, & Raphael

With a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film hitting theaters, we here at Action Features thought this would be the perfect time to put the spotlight on the fearsome foursome's first foray onto the big screen: The Original 1990 TMNT movie! All month long, we'll be sprinkling content related to that film here at the site... starting today with a mega-review of Playmates brand new Classic Collection 1990 Movie Turtles figures!

 photo turtles87_zpscd7458b4.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

 photo turtles9_zps8907e0e3.jpg

 photo turtles15_zps03034155.jpg

 photo turtles11_zpsa347aaf4.jpg

 photo turtles12_zps746a0c60.jpg

 photo turtles8_zps7cc80817.jpg

 photo turtles7_zpsf667ea03.jpg

 photo turtles6_zpsd7becc2a.jpg

 photo turtles5_zps99c54480.jpg

 photo turtles4_zps1290e061.jpg

 photo turtles2_zps5f53883a.jpg

 photo turtles1_zpsee87b14a.jpg

 photo turtles16_zpseca433c3.jpg

 photo turtles17_zps7069dfed.jpg

 photo turtles13_zpsaaf86edb.jpg

 photo turtles28_zps0c2fdd42.jpg

 photo turtles29_zps8d0cde70.jpg

 photo turtles27_zps494d6825.jpg

 photo turtles26_zps849a79f1.jpg

 photo turtles19_zpse163a3e5.jpg

 photo turtles98_zps388ae071.jpg

 photo turtles25_zpsf3fa988f.jpg

 photo turtles24_zpsdd83f4b2.jpg

 photo turtles23_zps9bed5ac0.jpg

 photo turtles22_zps33c7bb73.jpg

 photo turtles21_zpseaa378a7.jpg

 photo turtles20_zps39dbcdd4.jpg

 photo turtles36_zps5adcb57d.jpg

 photo turtles40_zps1e523c5a.jpg

 photo turtles18_zps15c37f1c.jpg

 photo turtles39_zpsf5fa9dfc.jpg

 photo turtles37_zps93d3094b.jpg

 photo turtles38_zpsc131775f.jpg

 photo turtles35_zps0b100c8f.jpg

 photo turtles76_zpsb1e01365.jpg

 photo turtles34_zps19708fa6.jpg

 photo turtles14_zpse7c96c09.jpg

 photo turtles61_zpsb83ce393.jpg

 photo turtles62_zps3f58df07.jpg

 photo turtles60_zpsb94405b1.jpg

 photo turtles59_zps7e9e721b.jpg

 photo turtles58_zps7774a270.jpg

 photo turtles100_zps5449c0a1.jpg

 photo turtles55_zps1cc2080f.jpg

 photo turtles57_zps7120eeb4.jpg

 photo turtles56_zps2fd7ec8b.jpg

 photo turtles54_zps702afd49.jpg

 photo turtles53_zps309328d0.jpg

 photo turtles52_zpse1350ff4.jpg

 photo turtles71_zpsc519aba0.jpg

 photo turtles70_zpsc6fccf81.jpg

 photo turtles77_zps5862815e.jpg

 photo turtles69_zps24c92421.jpg

 photo turtles10_zpscef4445c.jpg

 photo turtles32_zps3acb5c51.jpg

 photo turtles33_zps280d14fd.jpg

 photo turtles31_zps59f46e2c.jpg

 photo turtles30_zps79b7c00e.jpg

 photo turtles51_zpsdb7741fb.jpg

 photo turtles101_zps2893586f.jpg

 photo turtles47_zpse8e9fb9a.jpg

 photo turtles50_zpsfd4162b9.jpg

 photo turtles49_zps82dfd877.jpg

 photo turtles48_zpsc2058bbc.jpg

 photo turtles46_zpsf8170eb0.jpg

 photo turtles45_zps95b8b033.jpg

 photo turtles44_zps6ba23a27.jpg

 photo turtles43_zpsd8c3f9ef.jpg

 photo turtles42_zps398be176.jpg

 photo turtles78_zpse5aa1b74.jpg

 photo turtles41_zpsca325570.jpg

 photo turtles3_zps609ef44a.jpg

 photo turtles67_zpsba37741f.jpg

 photo turtles68_zps21289a93.jpg

 photo turtles66_zpsc45cad75.jpg

 photo turtles65_zps1c323da7.jpg

 photo turtles64_zps6ddd3f34.jpg

 photo turtles99_zps570414d3.jpg

 photo turtles97_zps0a3888aa.jpg

 photo turtles96_zps04b535a1.jpg

 photo turtles63_zps4cf578a1.jpg

 photo turtles95_zps06eae76c.jpg

 photo turtles94_zps18708010.jpg

 photo turtles93_zps99a5e87c.jpg

 photo turtles92_zps0d9b9f9e.jpg

 photo turtles91_zpsc25d1266.jpg

 photo turtles88_zpsf4ef86de.jpg

 photo turtles86_zps9e1d7477.jpg

 photo turtles80_zps66a62f56.jpg

 photo turtles85_zps9d8bed30.jpg

 photo turtles83_zpse6201b53.jpg

 photo turtles84_zps80e5bf04.jpg

 photo turtles82_zps0199943c.jpg

 photo turtles81_zps34a37a39.jpg

 photo turtles79_zpsaee6c71a.jpg

 photo turtles90_zpsa613741f.jpg

 photo turtles75_zps1da2f67a.jpg

 photo turtles74_zps662a7a2f.jpg

 photo turtles73_zps4c85b2b0.jpg

 photo turtles72_zps5e634d7e.jpg

 photo turtles89_zpsd00823c2.jpg

 photo turtlesposterlarge0_zps59c95c92.jpg

To order your own set of these figures, head here: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classic Collection 1990 Movie Action Figure Set from Entertainment Earth!


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