Saturday, February 1, 2014

Figure Photos:
NECA Toys' RoboCop Line
"Action Toy Guide" Tribute

I am absolutely head over heels for all of NECA's RoboCop product! I plan on posting reviews for the entire line beginning this week, but I wanted to share this little bit of fun early. :) The folks at NECA have made some very clever tributes to Kenner in both their RoboCop & Predator lines... So I figured I'd continue the nostalgia wave and put together a "NECA Action Toy Guide" catalog for their RoboCop product! I couldn't get enough of those Kenner Action Toy Guide pack-in catalogs as a kid, so it was a lot of fun trying to re-capture that feeling with this tribute. Hope you like it! Clicking the images will bring up full size versions (which are the same size as the Kenner counterpart)-

 photo necaguide1SMALL_zps42c07543.jpg

 photo necaguide2SMALL_zps2c4c0403.jpg

 photo necaguide3SMALL_zps7ec5e024.jpg

 photo necaguidE4SMALL_zpsb7de8574.jpg

 photo necaguide5SMALL_zps57bd5830.jpg

 photo necaguide6SMALL_zps2a163631.jpg

 photo necaguide7SMALL_zps6897ce26.jpg

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