Monday, July 1, 2013

Toy Talk Review:
The Rocketeer Version 2.5
Medicom Real Action Heroes
1/6th Scale Figure

 photo rocketeer27_zpsebebd88c.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

 photo rocketeer11_zps4e2943fc.jpg

 photo rocketeer24_zpsa67a1618.jpg
Please note- This is not the original stand included with the figure. This is a Hot Toys stand modified with an Evilface decal.
 photo rocketeer26_zps65b13f5c.jpg

 photo rocketeer25_zpse687dc26.jpg

 photo rocketeer9_zpsfdb6ac08.jpg

 photo rocketeer19_zpsac70caa3.jpg

 photo rocketeer23_zps327ada4f.jpg

 photo rocketeer18_zps457ba547.jpg

 photo rocketeer17_zpsf4ef6b50.jpg

 photo rocketeer16_zpsa9236992.jpg

 photo rocketeer15_zps5a84aa87.jpg

 photo rocketeer14_zps769d567d.jpg

 photo rocketeer13_zps69505f4d.jpg

 photo rocketeer8_zps6a4133cc.jpg

 photo rocketeer2_zpsde930f75.jpg

 photo rocketeer6_zps1c840aff.jpg

 photo rocketeer21_zpsf8474cec.jpg

 photo rocketeer12_zps9e0144ee.jpg

 photo rocketeer7_zps8ff4a140.jpg

 photo rocketeer5_zpsc5ccd4ef.jpg

 photo rocketeer22_zps0a88bf6a.jpg

 photo rocketeer20_zps0b2d2470.jpg

 photo rocketeer1_zps008792d2.jpg

 photo rocketeer4_zps06eee991.jpg

 photo rocketeer10_zps4befd558.jpg

 photo rocketeer3_zps9fd73a00.jpg

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  1. Do you know where I can find one of these to purchase?