Friday, June 7, 2013

Action Features Podcast Episode 41:
The One Where We Are Mildly Awake For A Super Father’s Day

Hey everybody. Know what happens in about a week or so? If you said "Father's Day", you're right. If you said "Superman Man Of Steel" opens, you're also right. With 2 such momentous occasions on the horizon, James & Mike thought it would be a good idea to cram this episode with not one, but TWO "Top 5" lists! For the Superman side of things, they dish out their top five Superman movie moments. Then in honor of Dad's Day, we get there top five list of TV sitcom papas! All that, plus a small dose of current pop culture happenings. Sp throw that red towel around your shoulders and pester your pops... It is time for Action Features.

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...And here is that Val Kilmer video we referenced on the show:

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