Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It Belongs In A Museum...

Recently, the family and I made the pilgrimage out to the Indianapolis Children's Museum to visit their "Superheroes!" exhibit. I had heard that the exhibition featured props from some of my favorite superhero flicks... but I really wasn't prepared for the sheer awesomeness on display. Since we visited on the final day of the event, I took plenty of pictures to share the experience with those who might have missed it.

First, no trip to the Indianapolis Children's Museum is complete without visiting their archaeological section- Featuring props from the Indiana Jones films! When I saw these on our first visit a year ago, I was seriously awestruck. Having Indy's hat and whip right in front of me was an encounter that I never dreamed I'd have. Oh... and ya gotta love that the plaque says "From Indiana Jones movie trilogy". Take that, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!

 photo cmindy1_zpsc80d3f19.jpg

 photo cmindy2_zpsd156bc43.jpg

 photo cmindy5_zps694a7928.jpg

 photo cmindy6_zpsfdb80bd0.jpg

 photo cmindy3_zps8b7b7668.jpg

 photo cmindy4_zps4019d479.jpg

With that out of the way, we'll move over to the actual "Superheroes!" portion of our tour. Now like I said, we took plenty of pictures- But we didn't photograph everything. Some items on display were simply statues or replicas (like the Silver Surfer movie theater display and Han in Carbonite), while others weren't cool enough to even waste digital film on (like the *ugh* accelerator suit from G.I.Joe). We limited our pictures to the really cool stuff. Well, mostly. I also took this picture of a Bale Batman suit. Why? I don't know. I am not a fan of the suit, nor the films it appears in... But I know plenty of folks are, so I thought it was only right to snap at least one picture of it.

 photo cmbat_zpsff1dca83.jpg

Now on to the really cool stuff... For dramatic effect, we'll start at the "pretty awesome" stuff and make our way up to the "melt your eyeballs with amazing splendor" items. In a case outside the exhibit stands a mannequin adorned in Jim Carrey's Riddler costume from "Batman Forever"! While "Forever" fails on many levels, Carrey's Riddler is a pretty spot-on, so seeing this was a real treat-

 photo cmriddler2_zpsedaffc0b.jpg

 photo cmriddler3_zpsd084d774.jpg

 photo cmriddler1_zps77906297.jpg

Situated next to Riddler is another piece of Bat-history: An Adam West Batman cape! Some folks might think it is crazy that I have ranked this somewhat low on the awesome list, but you have to understand that my heart belongs to Keaton Batman. And hey- At least I think it is cooler than anything Bale wore!

 photo cmwest1_zps9e18494b.jpg

 photo cmwest4_zpsb96de6fe.jpg

 photo cmwest2_zpse69d845e.jpg

 photo cmwest3_zpsd4e4adf7.jpg

Next up was the biggest surprise at the show- A Raphael costume from the live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films! The plaque states it is from Turtles II, and I have no reason to doubt that... but I think this may be one of the stunt costumes and not one of the "hero" suits given its construction. Either way, this was still an AMAZING thing to see. I have loved the Turtles since childhood, with the first live-action film still ranking in my top ten comic films of all time, so seeing a live-action suit in person is the cat's pajamas. And I think this was probably the boys' favorite piece at the museum, but they aren't writing this so it lands here on the list. ;)

 photo cmraph1_zps4063d7ef.jpg

 photo cmraph10_zpsfb412a6d.jpg

 photo cmraph11_zps6f663221.jpg

 photo cmraph7_zps521e52c8.jpg

 photo cmraph9_zpsce5b5f62.jpg

 photo cmraph4_zps1ceb883a.jpg

 photo cmraph5_zps3b0b37ba.jpg

 photo cmraph2_zps94cc058a.jpg

 photo cmraph3_zps2983e08c.jpg

 photo cmraph8_zps0169f9f0.jpg

 photo cmraph6_zpsf47c4d46.jpg

We are in the home stretch now... Just one portion of the exhibit left, housing my top 3 favorite items. We'll start with the appetizer- An autographed picture of Christopher Reeve as Superman. It may not seem like much, but for somebody who lists this as their top most-wanted autograph, it is pretty darned cool.

 photo cmreeve13_zps18f8e668.jpg

 photo cmreeve1_zpse1be2664.jpg

Next is this amazing Superman flight prop (sensing a theme here in my closing 3?) from the Reeve films. The placard lists it as being used in the original Superman back in 1978 (woo hoo... the year I was born!). The piece features a pretty astounding likeness to Reeve for a barely-viewed movie prop. According to the epic Superman blog Supermania 78, the likeness for these flight props was rendered by the late Stuart Freeborn (who also sculpted Yoda for "The Empire Strikes Back"). To read more on this head over to THIS POST at Supermania78.

 photo cmreeve7_zps74cd4506.jpg

 photo cmreeve6_zps4074f56c.jpg

 photo cmreeve5_zps63e8f49b.jpg

 photo cmreeve8_zps0bfb936c.jpg

 photo cmreeve3_zps0ca19c48.jpg

 photo cmreeve4_zpsa5722783.jpg

Drumroll please... And my number one favorite item at the exhibit... The main reason we made the journey.... One of the capes worn by Christopher Reeve as Superman! I honestly can't put into words the feelings I had looking at this. It may sound silly, but I actually got a little misty-eyed. The Superman films meant a lot to me growing up (even the less-than-stellar third and fourth installments), so coming within reach of the ultimate prop from those movies- Superman's cape- was truly an unforgettable experience.

 photo cmreeve11_zps2df693d9.jpg

 photo cmreeve12_zps35895047.jpg

 photo cmreeve10_zpse40dca35.jpg

 photo cmreeve9_zps504979e8.jpg

 photo cmreeve2_zps02e0975d.jpg

A HUGE thanks to the Indianapolis Children's Museum and their polite staff for putting on this fantastic exhibition! Events like this make museums fun and are a great way to get kids excited learning... and the Indy Children's Museum does it better than anybody. Though it is now over, I have high hopes that the "Superheroes!" exhibit will return one day, bigger and better than before. I only ask for one thing if it does: Get some stuff from the Burton Batman films this time! :)

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