Monday, September 10, 2012

Action Features Podcast Episode 22:
The One Where Things Get All Sharp And Pointy

Hey all. Yeah, that's right... This is indeed Episode 22 of Action Features. In this episode, James & Mike discuss Mike's recent viewing of Avengers, a little Matty Collector nonsense, and the conundrum that is "Small Wonder". We also get to hear from a special guest this time around- Master Knifemaker Gil Hibben from Hibben Knives! Gil's work has been seen in countless films, including many Action Features favs like Rambo III, Expendables, and Star Trek: Generations. So sharpen up your Bowie knife and wipe the coward's blood off of your Bat'leth... Time for Action Features.

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For more on Hibben Knives, head here-

Hibben Knives

...And for more info on the Kinfemaker's Guild Show (including how to get a free ticket), head here-

2012 Knifemaker's Guild Show

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